Discovery is the first planned expansion for Gooeys, and and was originally scheduled for release in late Q3, 2022.
Discovery initially focused as a primer for introducing SocialFi to the Gooeys ecosystem; but has since been fully re-imagined towards expanding Gooeys towards multi-platform support - allowing for Mobile, and Standalone clients to join our WebGL Players. To support this move, Gooey's UI has been rebuilt from the ground up to better support our full range of devices.
Coupled with this, Discovery makes use of our own in-house backend systems for facilitating decentralised/on-chain interactions, replacing the need for any third party SDKs - while also opening up API Development to all of our own community's third party developers and contributors.
Lastly, with an emphasis on developing towards the needs and desires of our player base, brand new management tools are being built to allow for multi-gooey management with a lot more ease, and a lot less transactions - allowing for feeding multiple gooeys at once, or trading in low quality fruits for their more rare counterparts.
Discovery is currently slated for release during Q1 2023, with a heavy focus on content rollout patches following this date.