Gooeys Overview

Gooeys is a fully on-chain Play-To-Earn game, built by Dogira Studios. Each Gooey is a verifiably unique NFT - created from the same contract which houses Gooeys' core game logic, with fair randomness secured by Chainlink VRF.
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Fully Tokenized Ecosystem

Everything in Gooeys is represented by an on-chain token - from characters, to resources. Players are free to send any in-game items or tokens to eachother directly through their Web3 wallet, or through intermediary systems such as OpenSea.

Fully on-chain

All of Gooeys' core game logic is contained on-chain, with transparent emission events. Coupled with full on-chain transparency, our GooBook breaks down the exact logic used for every in-game event, ensuring no player is left in the dark.

Rare means Rare

There are almost 350 million different possible Gooey character permutations, with roll rarities being determined in real time on-chain via Chainlink VRF. With only 1,000 Generation 0 Gooeys available for minting, all new Gooeys must be created via "Tumbling", the in-game breeding system which allows both for trait inheritance, and genetic mutations!

Sustainability and Expansion

Gooeys has been designed with both ecosystem expansion, and sustainability in mind - with controlled introductions of resource faucets and sinks planned alongside core game expansions, alongside liquidity mining rewards and governance systems being made available via the Dogira Finance Staking Platform.
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